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What Save Your Hood really is?

The Story

The Save Your Hood movement was born as a thought during the first lockdown (spring 2020) by Vassilis Sfakianopoulos, while it started and gained great strength in the second (autumn 2020) with the first initiative taking place on November 15, 2020.

The organization's name comes from a desire to empower individuals to make a difference in their own communities.

The idea for Save Your Hood was born during the first lockdown in Greece, when people had more free time and were more likely to be outdoors. Vasilis Sfakianopoulos, the founder of the organization, was walking in the hills of Athens when he saw someone throw a plastic bottle on the ground.

This incident prompted him to start a Facebook group called Save Your Hood, which he used to organize cleanups and raise awareness about the issue of waste.

The group quickly grew in popularity, and soon there were teams of volunteers organizing cleanups all over Greece. The organization also started to work with local authorities to implement waste management initiatives.