In every crisis, we find light!

During times of crisis,

SYH undergoes a transformative shift into a reservoir of volunteers and a movement thirsty to contribute in every conceivable way.

Our responses include:

  • Forest firefighting led by experienced volunteer teams
  • Fire monitoring
  • Collection and transportation of goods
  • Rescue and transportation of domestic and wildlife
  • Clearing forests of flammable materials

Wildlife Rescue Missions of 2023

During the summer of 2023, a pivotal mechanism during a crisis is the coordination and organization of wildlife rescue missions on an exceptionally grand scale, accessible to every volunteer in a meticulously organized, controlled, and
efficient manner, has been developed and deployed succesfully. We partner with ANIMA ( Hellenic Wildlife Care Association) in order for our saved animals to be rehabilitated.

19 Missions

These missions have four fundamental objectives:

  • Recording data on live, healthy creatures

  • Documenting losses in the fauna

  • Rescuing and caring for wild animals

  • Providing hydration/nourishment to wildlife in fire-stricken areas.

    Nea Artaki

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