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How to take part

Due to the Covid-19 measures, and as long as they are valid, we keep the safety distances and always wear a mask.
According to the measures in force and the protection of all of us, we must be very careful of the effects of overcrowding, use of masks and antiseptic. The use of masks is mandatory both due to covid and to avoid inhalation of microplastics during their collection.
  • Mask
  • Work Gloves (NOT disposable or kitchen as there are sharp objects and glasses in these places)
  • Giant Endurance or Garden Bags (helps to measure volume while withstanding sharp objects and heavy weight)
  • Your own water (there is no fountain or Mini market near in most of our places.
  • Antiseptic for your cleanliness and / or alcohol
  • Shoes with a hard, durable sole to step on with more ... confidence.
    1. We spread out in the space and first collect the seemingly "fresh" recyclable materials (coffee cups, plastic boxes, cardboard boxes, aluminum, glass) and collect them in separate bags for recycling. Toilet paper, straws, plastic lids, toothbrushes, calling cards, CD DVDs, pens, styrofoam, light bulbs, toys, and cutlery are NOT recycled.
    2. We collect all the garbage in a specific place and do not throw it away before the end of the cleaning.
    3. We continue to collect large items and collect them together with the recyclables with a clear separation.
    4. Once we have completed the cleaning, we take photos of the volume collected.
    5. Following is a group photo for your reports on social networks. You are our heroes 📷
    6. We move the garbage to the nearest bin and try to inform the municipality about their collection.
    1. Our action is nothing without the promotion of our efforts 📷
      Do not forget to upload to facebook and instagram stories and / or posts with the corresponding tags Save Your Hood & saveyourhood_gr as well as hashtags #saveyourhood 📷 We will publish them immediately! #saveyourhood 📷
      In addition, at the end of your effort, we are waiting for the photos of the group as well as of all the bags 📷 (if you can count them already it will help a lot in calculating the liters)


      A. General Terms


      Please read these terms of use carefully (hence forward the «Terms of Use») before you apply to volunteer as a waste collector to the action under the name «Save your hood» (hence forward the «Action»), organized by the non-profit company «The Extra Mile Civil Non-Profit Company» under the distinctive title «The Extra Mile Α.Μ.Κ.Ε.» (hence forward the «Company»).


      These Terms of Use apply to each individual (hence forward the «Volunteer») who wishes to participate in the Action and may be modified by the Company in whole or in part, at any time and without notice. They constitute the overall and exclusive agreement between the Volunteer and the Company, regarding the participation of the former in the Action. Therefore, it is recommended that the Volunteer regularly checks the Terms of Use in order to stay informed about the latest version.


      By participating in the Action, the Volunteer fully and unconditionally accepts the Terms of Use and undertakes to comply with them. If the Volunteer does not agree with the Terms of Use, he / she should avoid any form of participation in the Action. In case of violation of the Terms of Use by the Volunteer, the Company reserves the right to deny his participation (ie Volunteer) in the Action, without prejudice to the right of the Company or any third party to claim compensation for any direct and indirect damage suffered. due to the violation.



      Β. Terms of use:


      1. The Volunteer acknowledges that his /her participation in the Action and the services he / she provides under it are voluntary, that the scope of his / her relationship with the Company is limited in this context (ie volunteering), and therefore that any kind of compensation is excluded from the Company in exchange for the offered services For the same reasons, any benefit to the Volunteer on behalf of the Company that is traditionally associated with paid work is excluded.

      The Volunteer relieves the Company and its successors and / or representatives from any responsibility and waives any claim and / or demand against them, which arise or may arise from the services provided under the Action.


      1. The Volunteer understands that the services he / she provides under the Action may include activities that may be dangerous to him / her and acknowledges that his / her participation in the Action is at his / her own risk (risk-taking). He / She also understands and accepts that certain activities may take place in remote and / or inaccessible locations that may be far from a hospital or impossible to transport to one. However, he / she chooses to engage in the above activities, despite the increased risks that have been demonstratively set out above. The Volunteer commits not to perform any of the above activities without the use of the necessary and appropriate equipment and without observing the general rules of carrying out the activities.

      Following this, the Volunteer explicitly assumes the risk of injury or damage as a result of his / her participation in the above activities and releases the Company from any liability. In particular, the Volunteer recognizes that both the Company and its executives / members and its employees (hence forward «Exempted Persons»), are not responsible for any form of physical, mental and emotional damage (indicative and not restrictive: death, injuries of all kinds, fractures, sprains, wounds, dislocations, abrasions, bleeding, loss of consciousness, concussion, amputations, frostbite, frostbite mental trauma, anxiety, phobias, including mental anguish and moral damage, property damage, etc.), that may occur to him / her (ie the Volunteer), his / her family, heirs or trustees or to third parties, during the offer of his / her voluntary services in the context of the Action and in connection with or in relation to his / her participation in it (ie Action) and waives any claim related to the above towards the Exempted Persons.

      The Exempted Persons do not accept any responsibility for the above indicatively mentioned damages and urge the Volunteer to take appropriate and adequate precautions (such as using the appropriate equipment and keeping it in excellent working order) for the protection his / her health and safety at all levels and the prevention of the occurrence of the above risk of damage.

      The Volunteer is the sole and exclusive responsible for the coverage of his insurance as well as the expenses / expenditures that may arise in case of physical or other injury or illness as a result of the services offered under the Action.

      Furthermore, (the Volunteer) understands that the Exempted Persons do not bear any responsibility or obligation to provide financial or other assistance, such as - indicatively and not restrictively - medical benefits or disability allowance, search and rescue costs, evacuation and litigation. He / She, therefore, expressly waives any relevant claim against the Exempted Persons, except of course those which the Exempted Persons may voluntarily and at their discretion offer to him / her.


      1. The Volunteer grants to the Company all the rights deriving from the photos and videos depicting him / her as well as the recordings of his / her voice taken via the Company's media during the provision of his voluntary services to the the Action and in relation to or in connection with it (ie the Action). Therefore, for the purpose of promoting the Company's Action, he / she consents to the publication of photos and videos depicting his / her face and recordings that include his / her voice on social media, the internet and in publications.


                      C. Other terms:

      The invalidityor inability to execute one or more provisions of the Terms of Use does not imply the invalidity or inability to execute the Terms of Use in their entirety. The provision that is completely or partially invalid or unenforceable will be considered as unwritten, while all other provisions will remain binding and in full force. The provision declared invalid is replaced by another provision with the same effect.


      Any weakness or delay of the Company in exercising any right arising from these Terms of Use should not be construed as a waiver of this right. Any omission of exercise of a right or only a partial exercise of a right by the Company does not preclude the exercise of this or another right at a later time.


      The Volunteer states that during his / her transactive contact with the Company and for his / her participation in any of its actions, he / she was not given and does not rely on any oral or other written assurance or statement of the Exempted Persons regarding the safety during the conduct of above activities, except for those set out in these Terms of Use.


      These Terms of Use are governed by Greek law. Any dispute arising in relation to them is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.