How we are funded?

We avoid
a) companies, or organizations whose activities, policies, aims, values or objectives clearly conflict with or jeopardize our ideals, including global polluters. b) organisations, including charities or groups, owned and/or substantially funded by any organization or company included in the former. We have good reason to believe that accepting funds from these sources is not acceptable due to the following risks: i) may undermine our effectiveness in achieving our objectives; ii) may promote inaccurate or misleading messages about our commitment to our goals and values iii) may harm our reputation causing us to lose the support and trust we have gained so far These risks far outweigh the benefits that any such financing may bring. The principle of avoidance also applies in the case of unfunded partnerships
We accept
We seek relationships with organizations that act to protect the environment or society in a positive, inclusive, transparent and non-violent manner. We seek donations, sponsorships and partnerships that: ◦ are compatible with our values and goals ◦ do not jeopardize our independent status ◦ will not damage our reputation ◦ enhance solidarity and transparency ◦ achieve mutually beneficial results. We do not rule out working with organizations provided they are committed to making specific changes to their policies and practices. Partnerships of this nature will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and any organization deemed to be greenwashing or working directly against our goals will be rejected.
Our funding process
The proposed terms of any partnerships or sponsorships will be reviewed in accordance with our values and our code of ethics. Any ambiguities or violations will be flagged for immediate amendments. All partnerships, sponsorships and donations involving foundations, companies, organizations must be reported and approved by Trash Knights All approved partnerships and sponsorships will be based on a written agreement. In addition to detailing the support offered by both parties. the agreement must contain the following terms: i) Any communications used by the organization, including but not limited to scripts, marketing materials, advertisements and packaging, will be controlled by us ii) The use of our name, logo or any other intellectual property in advertising material in any medium, must be approved in advance by us. iii) There will be no approval for messages showing our open association with any company iv) We have the right to withdraw from any agreement where new developments mean that areas of this ethical funding policy are breached. v) We claim our right to all intellectual property arising from the collaboration, whether expected or not, unless there is an express agreement to the contrary in the agreement.