24-26 MAY

STEPS OF HOPE on burned paths

92 kms Walking & Cleaning on the burned lands of Attica

92 kms for a cause

A different way of celebrating his birthday

In a unique and inspiring act, for his upcoming birthday, Vassilis, our founder and continuous inspiration, is embarking on an extraordinary 92 walk across the scorched lands of Attica

Do you want to follow his path real-time??

When the time is right and Vassilis's effort will start, you will be able to follow his progress here, LIVE!


Trash Collection

We are SYH after all...

Removing litter and restoring these already hurt & fragile ecosystems. 


Finding hope

Locate and showcase current threats and signs of burned lands recovery.


..as the means for prevention

Inspiring action to prevent future wildfires and protect our environment. Showing the connection of trash to wildfires.

Wildlife Protection

Build up animal's resilience.

Raising funds to equip wildlife search and rescue teams for future disasters.

You can help his effort!

Walk, Clean, Support, Share, Donate!

The itinenary

  • 24.05.2024 07:00Starting point: Pournari Attikis

    Vassilis will start his journey from the nearly burned village of Pournari. His destination for the day will be Moni Kleiston in Parnitha. The scorched lands of Dervenochoria and Parnitha under his feet.
  • 25.05.2024 07:00Starting point: Moni Kleiston (exact location TBD)

    From Moni Kleiston to Agia Paraskevi Municipality. Vassilis will cross the burned lands of Parnitha to find and cross the urban areas of Athens.
  • 26.05.2024 07:00Starting point: Agia Paraskevi (exact location TBD)

    Crossing the fields of Immitos foothills, Vassilis wil find and cross the burned lands of Kouvaras and Anavissos, to end his journey to Anavyssos Beach, reaching his goal and celebrating his birthday.