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Have a Real Impact

Saving our neighborhoods requires a combination of action and our own personal change.

For this reason, the Save Your Hood team organizes closed corporate clean-ups, but also other beautiful initiatives combined with experiential environmental education and an emphasis on strengthening individual initiatives.

The basic approach is the selection of spaces within the urban fabric, close to the company’s base.

It precedes or follows the action webinar or live briefing of all employees about the problem, with our action so far and open discussion about our habits that damage the environment every day.

Let's change our Mindset

The purpose of the program is the environmental awakening of the volunteers with a substantial positive footprint through a holistic approach that covers the entire process from dealing with the local problem, the collection/recycling of the collected garbage as well as full information about the threats and the history of area where we operate.

At the same time, we discharge the point of action from waste and find ways to permanently protect it.

custom programs

Our Hood. Our Mission.

Our only home is in peril. For that reason, we are devoting ourselves to programs with substantial positive impact, creating an environment consisting of beautiful and conscious actions.

Step-by-step approach

With deepest of respect, we positively influence companies in order to open their perspective and  work together towards a sustainable future.


Every entity has its own needs, approaches and goals. We adapt our programs in such a way in order to fit every occasion and donor.

Be-the-change Mindset

Our ultimate goal is to change our perspective in order to live in utmost balance with nature. 

Positive footprint

Every initiative that we organize has a positive, meaningful and measurable footprint to our natural environment. 

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